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Re: Pre-boarding

Frequent Flyer B

The solution to those morons trying to save an exit row is to just sit there.


Not a thing they can do about it except all pay for priority boarding next time.


The self entitled seem to be higher on SWA than any other airline.

Re: Pre-boarding

Retired Community Manager

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Re: Pre-boarding

Explorer A

We are an aging population. Many have hidden disabilities. Stop deciding who is and is not disabled until you finish med school. Please know the line is going to get even longer as baby boomers age. Perhaps you need reassessment of your needs and do what really works for you instead of feeling you have the knowledge and expertise to determine people are faking it. I offered proof to southwest of my disabilities.

Re: Pre-boarding

Explorer C

I am on a flight now from phx to den.  Mother and daughter preboard. Daughter is on travel soccer team and mother says her daughter has a peanut allergy.  Really? That is acceptable?  On another flight to Cabo a young couple pre boarded and happily walked down the jetway and took their front row seats. I sat right behind them and proceeded to hear them laughing about how easy that was to board first.  “I just had to bs the agent that I needed more time and front row for my bad knee”.  It’s pathetic.  I agree that pre boards should have to remain seated and deplane last since they need extra time and should not hold up the rest of the plane.  Try it for one month and watch the preboard numbers plummet.   I am all for pre boarding.  My parents use it as my mom uses a walker.  But the scammers have to go 

Re: Pre-boarding

Explorer C

I have been a Companion Pass membert for a number of years and fly SWA 100% of my domestic flights. I really enjoy what SWA offers but the pre-board process is out of control. I have witnessed just about everything when it comes to suspect preboarders. The last flight I was on from PHX-DTW had over 30 preboarders. I happened to be sitting next to a couple in DTW who you could tell did not fly very often. They were complaining that they were in the C group. The wife said I will be right back. I watched her walk up to the counter, speak with the agent, and then "limp" back to her seat. She then preboarded and sure enough were sitting in the bulkhead when I got on. I decided to pay attention to them going to baggae claim in PHX. No limp but a brisk walk while laughing all the way. I am not sure what can be done but it is getting out of control and I am afraid SWA will begin losing business to assigned seat airlines if it gets much worse. In all other matters, keep up the good work SWA. We love ya!Heart

Re: Pre-boarding

Adventurer C

I too have seen the abuse by some travelers. However, I have also witnessed many other travelers being sent back to their B and C boarding spots for cheating their way up in line. So Kudos to the agents that try to keep if fair. As far as pre-boarding goes, the agents probably have a difficult time if people are going to lie and fake disabilities .