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Re: Pre-boards

Aviator A

@mrsstats wrote:

What I don't understand is why you don't have to have proof.  When you get a handicap sticker for parking you have to get something from your doctor.  Why can't the same be done with this.  And yes I know that there are people out there with handicap stickers that shouldn't have them but it might cut down on the ones doing the fake preboards.

As said several time in his thread, the law doesn't allow it. Contact your congressperson and senators to try to change the law.

Re: Pre-boards

Explorer A

Hi Nicole,


It's nonsense to blame the ACCA for Southwest's lax boarding policies that negatively affect the majority of your customers. Please point out where the regulations require those claiming a disability to board first?


Southwest could fix the problem in a day by having those claiming a disability board last and having a gate agent escort them to an open seat and assist them in getting situated. It wouldn't require much employee time/effort because the number of disabled will miracuously dwindle to just a few....

Re: Pre-boards


Hi @AndSoItGoes. Because we are open seating, and since many Passengers with disabilities require a specific seat onboard the aircraft, allowing them to board first permits them to secure the seat that best accommodates their disability. For example, a Customer with a full leg cast might need to secure the left or right side bulkhead, so it makes sense to allow them onboard first to secure that seat. Other Customers might need to be in close proximity to a lavatory. By law, we do not ask Customers what their disability is, so we do not always know why they need a specific seat, but again, boarding first with our style of seating is the best way for them to be in the seat they need. Hope that helps!

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Re: Pre-boards

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Seems pretty clear. 

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Re: Pre-boards

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Hi PamG


Just do like everyone else does on Southwest.  Pretend you’re disabled and then get miraculously cured after boarding.


This is something that Southwest’s model of boarding promotes, so take advantage of it.




















Re: Pre-boards

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I agree if you need a wheel chair then use it. But I have autism and I need to preboard so flying is alot more comfortable for me. Would people deny me that because I have a disability that you cannot see. I walk and talk too. Try living in my world for awhile and then be critical of others. 

Re: Pre-boards

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long time customer. I pay the price to Pre -Board.  Out of Las Vegas watched 25-30 pre board. Most just went on as family.  Finally found all seats through isle 6 filled.  Some had pre planned to save seats with clothing or a bag for the b/c group family members. This was planed and no one from SWA said a word on a full flight.Experience travelers have a good ide who is milking the system.  Some type of verification should be used.  Slowest on and off. must be a reasonable solution