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Priority Check-in Lane

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I'm an A-list member but rarely travel alone so I haven't taken advantage of the A-list Priority and Express Lane benefits. I have a three flight trip next week where I will be traveling alone, so I have a question about the Priority Lane at the airport. I usually try to pack everything in my carryon but this is a longer trip and I may be forced to check a bag.


My departure flight is mid-morning. On the off chance that the airport is crowded and the kiosks are backed up, can I skip the kiosk, use the Priority Lane and have my bag checked by the SW person? I don't have an issue with the kiosk and use them all the time when traveling with my wife or family. No big deal if that's not one of the benefits of the Priority Lane.




Re: Priority Check-in Lane

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Having that service is one of the A-list benefits, just have your ID ready and the SW agent will tag and check your bag, I use it more and more lately

Safe travels

Re: Priority Check-in Lane

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Definitely use it if you want to.


Perhaps I'm opening a can of worms here but I will say even if only one person on the reservation is A-List I don't see a problem with a family using the priority lane. Nothing has ever been said to me when I've been in this situation so you could give it a try next time you are flying with others.


What's everyone else's thoughts on that? Does everyone using the priority check-in lane need to be A-List?