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Qualifying flights toward A-list

Explorer C

I remember a fews ago if you had multiple stops on the same reservation they would all count toward your 25 flights requirement for A-list (example: ABC-DEF-HIJ would count as 3). Now I noticed that even if you have 3 flight segments, they all only count as 1, which makes getting to A-list that much harder. I know other airlines count each individual flight as its own segment, so when did SWA change this policy?


Re: Qualifying flights toward A-list

Aviator A

Point to point booking (which is like 2 one way flights) would count as 2 flights (A-B B-C) however if you book a flight with a connection you only get 1 flight towards a list. 

if you want to ensure you get extra segments book each leg separately 

Re: Qualifying flights toward A-list

Aviator A

I've been flying Southwest for 44 years, and a fight on one reservation between points A and B has always counted as one flight  - regardless of whether it was a nonstop or one with 3 connections.