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Re: Reporting a stolen item from luggage

Frequent Flyer C



 I am sorry to hear about the theft of your items out of your luggage. It is no question on who did it. You know who did it. MSN said the recent theft of passenger's items are to be blamed on employees of American Airlines for theft.


 I can honestly say that someone at Southwest Airlines did the stuff to you. Anyone, I don't care who, but can be anyone who can do that to you. I don't care how loyal the employees are anymore.


By the way, you can pretend being a detective going to see the landlord and make a inquiry of the tenants who lives at the apartment who happens to be a employee of SWA. And on my last note, if you look for their car that hold for a clue: SWA sticker or placard.


Re: Reporting a stolen item from luggage

Explorer C

Kandoy, did you get any further on retrieving your stolen laptop??? Did you drive through the apartment complex and find a cat w/tsa or sw sticker on it???? No question in my mind, they have my jewelry, too, and airline/tsa has done NOTHING to stop this horrific theft!!! Is Oakland so damned shady the cops don't have even ONE PIDDLY INVESTIGATOR SMART ENOUGH OR CARING ENOUGH TO WALK THROUGH AND OBSERVE EVERY DANG CAR IN THE APT COMPLEX... TO FIND WHO IT COULD BE??? GOOF GRIEF!!!! 

Re: Reporting a stolen item from luggage

Explorer B

Did your case ever get resolved ? 

if so what was the outcome?