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Reservations set to expire?

Explorer C

Last Nov 2019  . I made reservations to visit my Daughter in Tpa and visit my son in Jax returning to Phx on 12/17/19 .  A few days before i was to leave on this trip my son was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor . Had to put  my reservations for the trip on hold due to his condition . Since then, as we all know the Covid 19 virus shut down the world . My sons Cancer is now in remission and he is now scheduled to under go a bone marrow transplant in a few days .

The reservations that I mentioned above are now set to expire on 11/9/ 2020 . Southwest has refused to allow me to extend  them past that date . Unless I pay them $100 for each flight that was booked .

When I contacted  Customer Relations and told them my story , the flat out refused my request to allow me to extend the reservations for two months unless paid the above money . 

So much for being a family oriented  airline . So much for being a loyal customer for over twenty years .  


Re: Reservations set to expire?

Aviator A

Unfortunately you missed the opportunity to extend the travel funds out to September 2022.  This was available for a couple months earlier this year, but is no longer offered.  As you mentioned you do have the option to convert the travel funds to a LUV voucher that will be good for 6 month if you reduce the value of your funds by $100 each.  If you have multiple funds in a single person's name you can combine them before converting so as to reduce your costs.





Reservations set to expire?

Aviator C

@Berlin77  You, like many of us, have had to face the hardships of loved ones with a medical condition, I'm not taking that point lightly.  But with that said, that is a part of life for all of us, and I'm sure, have had to bite the bullet on one cost or another to get to hospitals and funerals because of it.  You seem to blame SWA, yet they gave you and out months ago.  They are still offering an avenue, albeit, at a cost.  Let me say this if you wrote to the IRS this year about this same hardship and was sorry that you couldn't get your taxes in on time and asked for an extension without penalty, what do you think would be their reply?  Or a credit card company, or your mortgage company?  I'm wishing your son the best, but blaming SWA isn't the true answer here.