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Rewards charge card

Explorer C

When I was placing the order for my tickets it gave me the option to apply for a credit card to receive rewards and $200.00 off the flights I was ordering.  I applied for the credit card and was approved.  But the $200.00 was not automatically deducted from the bill and I was not given an account number to enter at payment.  I called SW and waited 1 hour 10 mins for a representative that could not assist me and transferred me to another rep. who could not assist me and transferred me to the credit card company.  She was not able to  assist me and transferred me to another rep who transferred me to another rep who will express me the credit card but I wanted to secure my flights.  She re-directed me to SW and again I am on hold for 6o mins for a representative.  I have never had so much trouble ordering tickets from an airline and placed on hold for so long and their representatives not being able to solve the problem.  In fact one representative from SW stated this has been a re-occuring problem with the credit cards ... so why hasn't it been fixed.  Very disgusted with SW and will be searching for tickets with another airline.  


Re: Rewards charge card

Aviator A

The $200 would be a statement credit on your bill it won't give you $200 off right away and you get the credit after your first purchase with the credit card.