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Rude SW Baggage Check in

New Arrival

Checking in TPA to Mht on Flight 355, Checking 3 Bags, woman extremely rude as we evidently we're not moving quickly enough,  When I asked supervisor who I she was , she actually slapped my hand and said it's not polite to point, ( Rochelle??). Anyways SW Customer Service indicated that they don't handle complaints. Not feeling the Southwest Love Today...


Re: Rude SW Baggage Check in

Retired Community Manager



This is certainly not the experience we want our Customers to have when they travel with us. While we aren't able to field individual Customer Service issues here on the Community, we'd love to have reach out to our Customer Relations Department so a Representative can learn a little more about the situation. You can reach CR on Twitter (@Southwestair) or by calling 1-855-234-4654.