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Rude Southwest Employee

Explorer C

We sat in Oakland for 1 hour and 15 minutes waiting for 13 passengers and the loading of their bags.  Then the jetway did not work properly so we could push back.  The flight attendants were so inappropriate, scolding passengers for not finding seats for the late passengers.  Furthermore the pilots were

very negative about SW indicating there was nothing they could do.  Flight was from Oakland to Orange County on 3/17/18, supposed to leave at 6:55pm and we left at 8:15pm.  Also, Southwest let’s anbody with anything’s on their flights.  This is 

why I am American Platinum and try to take Virgin within the state of California.


Re: Rude Southwest Employee

Retired Community Manager



Any kind of flight delay can be very frustrating, but it is never an excuse for us to offer poor Customer Service. It sounds like we fell short of expectation here, and that's not acceptable. I hope that you'll consider giving us a future opportunity to serve you and have a more typical Southwest Airlines experience. This is a peer-to-peer discussion forum, so we are not equipped to address Customer Service issues, but if you'd like to speak with a Customer Relations Representative, please reach out on Twitter (@Southwestair). We'd really value the opportunity to try and make things right.