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Re: Rude gate agent

New Arrival

December 30 2019. It was my first time to travel from Oahu to Kauai. and I missed my flight. The gate employee just told me we gonna give you another Boarding Pass for the next flight, no further instruction because I assume they will provide. After 3-4 hours of waiting for the next flight. When the time of boarding, The Southwest employee said I have to reprint a new Boarding Pass. That moment I was shaking coz I'm going to missed again the flight. So I went to podium desk where I could print the new boarding pass. This is the worst part. When I met this lady curly hair, chubby if im not wrong her name is Clarrisa. When Im trying to explain to her. She do not want to listen my explanation. I do not know why they are like this!. Worse experienced. I rather to pay more for ticket than to experienced this nightmare. 

Re: Rude gate agent

Rising Star

@ACL -- you can't board a new flight with your missed flight's boarding pass. You should have gone to the podium at the gate as soon as you knew you were going to miss your flight and they would have given you a new boarding pass for your next flight then and there. Also - boarding passes take seconds to print, so you should not have missed your newer flight if you did not have your boarding pass in hand when you went to board. 


It's rare but I've seen it happen, people are in line to board and the scanner beeps when someone's ticket is scanned, indicating that they don't have an actual boarding pass but a security document, or there is another issue, and they have to go to the gate agent and get a boarding pass printed.