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SW Down in PDX - Not LUV at all

Explorer C

I was really disappointed with SW Customer Service. No warning at all for a delay on a 6:15am flight to DSM today. I know things happen, but traveling with 81 year old dad to see my Grandma in Iowa for her 94th birthday. Get up at 3am to get to the airport, only to be very rudely brushed off and told "sorry. we are full. there is nothing we can do."  Why was there not a call, a text, an announcement on the website about the flight being changed? Would have saved disappointment and headache. All the rest of the family will be there today. Not us. Planned this for 6 months. Only went on SW because my Dad loves you.  Not anymore.

A little compassion and communication would have really helped. Now we have to try again tomorrow. Flight is awful and since we have to drive 2 hours once we get to DSM, we are really not going to arrive until Friday!! Not acceptable. I had to take time off work and can't extend trip, so TWO DAYS ARE GONE.  REALLY, REALLY wish we could have been treated better. Brushing us off with barely three words makes me sad. Sorry to vent. I realize things are tough right now, but come on.... 


Re: SW Down in PDX - Not LUV at all

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your troubles.


People cancel flights all the time, and when they do their spots become available to others.

I recommend you check the booking page frequently to see whether or not something opens up, if so grab it.

Re: SW Down in PDX - Not LUV at all

Aviator A

Is it possible that you did not enter any contact information when you booked your flight and/or there is no contact information in your Southwest account? 


Southwest cannot contact you if they don't have any contact information for you.


I have my cell phone as my preferred method of contact, and whenever I am flying and flights change or flights are delayed, etc., I always receive a text. 


I also obsessively check the departure information at the airport I am flying out of and make sure my flight says "on time." Whenever it says "delayed," I am on top of it. The Southwest app also updates flight information and changes, including gate changes, immediately as they happen, so I am surprised that you did not know that your flight was delayed. But are you saying your 6:15AM flight today was actually cancelled and you can't get a new flight until *Friday*? That sounds unusual. 



Re: SW Down in PDX - Not LUV at all

Explorer C

Perhaps you are not aware of Southwest's issues right now:


Not typical -- yeah I would say that's accurate.