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SW stroller bag - can anything go in?

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We are traveling to the beach, but family is meeting us with our child. We are flying there. We were thinking about bringing our fold up beach chairs & umbrella and putting them in our SW stroller bag. Do you know if we can put anything in that bag? Do we have to have a child with us to use it? 


Re: SW stroller bag - can anything go in?

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There should be a child involved to have it count as an additional free bag.


If it is one of your regular two checked items then there wouldn't be any restriction on what's actually in there, other than the checked luggage weight and size limits.


There might be leeway on the dimensions for a child's items where the stroller or car seat is allowed as an item rather than a dimensioned and weighed piece of luggage.


EDIT: re-reading this one, it would be clearer if I said "you should be fine, but be careful if the bag is big enough that your chairs may be too heavy"

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