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SWA... what's your deal?

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TSA Pre-check not working! And sorry... not buying the "theory" of this being a lottery and not guaranteed. I've flown for the past 5 years since I got my first TSA-Pre and have NEVER had a problem. Never ever. So this is baloney. And I fly to new places via new routing constantly. 


And how about that 80-min wait time by phone to speak with a live agent?

Oh, and your text 'bot' is horrible. Completely worthless. Literally 10-mins of my life I can't get back and you end up simply circling back to the 80-minute phone time "waiting line.' 


Very disappointing.


And what's with all the cancelled flights? I live in Florida. The storms weren't any worse than normal. And... an "overnight technical difficulty while updating your computers?" Huh??? I hope this wasn't a ransomware attack or attempted attack because I would think your explanation is misleading since you are a publicly traded company. But I digress. 


All that said, I still support SWA. I just hope you can get your act together soon and move back into that elusive #1 spot for domestic carriers. Because you've fallen out of favor with most of the business travelers I know. 


Re: SWA... what's your deal?

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It's not clear by your post whether you complete the Pre-Check application process and have a KTN or not.  If you do have a KTN be sure your name in your Rapid Rewards account, which will be on your ticket, matches the name associated with your Pre-Check account, including middle name and be sure your KTN is also included in your RR account so it is applied to the ticket.  It is not Southwest or any other airline who authorizes Pre-Check on a ticket and there is occasionally a miscommunication between TSA and the airline issuing the ticket.  If the problem is not related to a name mismatch then often this can be dealt with at the check-in counter.


Yes, Southwest had a system problem and had to cancel flights.  Things happen.


If you're looking for your comments to get to Southwest directly use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.



Re: SWA... what's your deal?

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One thing to keep in mind your pre check (KTN) expires after 5 years since you say you have used it that long without issue well maybe it expired and you need to reapply 

Re: SWA... what's your deal?

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Here in Tampa, tornado warnings and lightning strikes around the airport kept flights grounded on Saturday. Nothing in or out. 

SWA... what's your deal?

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I live in NM and have seen on at least 5 news outlets about the issues, SWA and others had over the weekend, and much of that was due to the weather, but other issues as well.  I'm not fully aware that is wasn't any hoax that that airline brought up to cover anything up.  Since you only posted this 12 hours ago, I'm only going to assume you don't have access to television.  Honestly, I'm sorry that you had to experience this, (and the thousands of others) as it's not fun at all to be stranded at an airport (been there/St. Louis) and having plans changed.  As for your other issues, I can't help on that end.