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Seat 12A the The Infinite Legroom Seat!

Adventurer C

I have my heart set on the so called The Infinite Legroom Seat on the 737-700 plane. I even got the earlybird check in to increase my chances. Is this a hot seat or is this a waste of time sitting here? What are the pros and cons?


Re: Seat 12A the The Infinite Legroom Seat!

Aviator A

Im guessing this is the exit row with no seat in front (sorry I don't keep track of the seat maps and seat numbers)?


If your on a thru flight someone may already be in that seat when you board. Also all the Business Select and A List customers will be ahead of you so the odds of getting that seat are slim (unless its an empty flight and there are no BS customers or A Listers). 


I like the seat because of the leg room but don't like the tray table in the arm rest and don't like having my bag so far in front of me if I need something out of it mid flight. The other thing I'm not a huge fan of it the fact you can't put up the arm rest if the middle were to remain open since the tray table is built in there. 


Personally I'd go to the other side and try for the row with just a tad less leg room as its more comfortable (to me anyways).



Re: Seat 12A the The Infinite Legroom Seat!

Aviator A

Here is the SeatGuru (third party site) link for the seat map with comments and reviews from other passengers.  @bec102896 you're thinking of the right one:


@byrdbrain591 I'll also echo the thoughts that EarlyBird *probably* won't get you the worm here (seat 12A) but you never know.


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