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Seatbelt extenders

Explorer C

I’ve seen multiple comments request about where to get extenders for the newer planes. Apparently the FAA recently stated only airline provided extenders are permitted. 

How many does each flight have? What happens when there are more needed than available?  

Does last to ask (not necessarily last to board) get shafted?


Re: Seatbelt extenders

Aviator A

Since the plane will still be parked at a gate at an airport, I would imagine one would be requested from airport stock or obtained from another plane at the airport.

Re: Seatbelt extenders

Aviator A

I’ve actually seen 1 flight delayed because they were waiting on some extenders. Some extenders are taken (on purpose or accidentally) some are left in the seats and if the FA doesn’t get it before the next flight it sits there till overnight cleaning which means the stockpile in the front and back are gone. 

They will always have at least 2 extra on hand because they need it for the safety demo