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Seating Size

Explorer C

Not sure which category this question fits in.  I am new to SWA and am working on an itinerary.  Having scanned the website, I have been unable to determine if Business Select tickets also get larger and more comfortable seats compared to the other classes.  Can someone fill me in?


Re: Seating Size

Aviator A

With the exception of exit row and bulkhead leg room, virtually all seats on a SW jet are the same.  You can find measurements here.  So Business Select does not give you a larger seat.  


For info about how SW fares differ, click here.  The biggest benefits of Business Select fares (IMO) include being able to board first (after medical pre-boards), getting a drink coupon, and getting more Rapid Rewards points for the flight.  These fares are also fully refundable.


It sounds like you are relatively new to flying Southwest.  You can learn all about the boarding process here.  It should also be noted that, for most, flying SW is fun!  They have phenominal employees who love to take care of their customers.


See you in the skies soon!

-A List, Companion Pass holder