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Sitting together - 2 people

Explorer C

It’s my first time flying and I’m worried I won’t be able to sit with my father. We both purchased early bird check in and we have a a nonstop flight leaving early in the morning but the flight is sold out. Anyone have similar experiences? Did you ever have issues being able to sit together? Thank you!


Re: Sitting together - 2 people

Explorer C

If your father is elderly, I think you can ask to board early.  As long as your boarding passes are in the A or B group, that should not be an issue.  Usually all of the middle seats are open until the end of boarding so you can find the first available row with a window or aisle seat and the middle will be empty.   Worse case scenario, you may have to ask someone to change seats. Lots of people won't, but there is typically someone nice enough to do so. 

Re: Sitting together - 2 people

Aviator A

I'll add on that you should be fine as long as you aren't looking for a specific seat. If it is getting difficult, ask a flight attendant for assistance and they can help ask if anyone will move.

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