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Solution for Front and Back Boarding

Explorer C

(We are frequent travelers/Alist preferred?travel every week business travelers)  Last week I was boarding in postion A6-paid upgraded position. He ended up near the back of the plane because they allowed the back of the plane boarders to board first. The front was blocked by servicing teams. This was total chaos with people running on the tarmac and stairs. My companion who was in B ended up being one of the last people on the plane. 


Please only use both doors when deplaning after the flight. Boarding takes so much longer when people are allowed to board from both ends. Luggage is everywhere, people are moving upstream in the aisles. And those who paid for upgraded boarding are screwed.




Re: Solution for Front and Back Boarding

Aviator A

@TrophyWife wrote:

they allowed the back of the plane boarders to board first.



A little confused by this phrasing. "Back of the plane boarders"? What does that mean? Southwest does not have assigned seating, so I am not sure what this may be referring to.



Re: Solution for Front and Back Boarding

Aviator A

I also very much dislike the front and back boarding system, as I find it hugely at odds with Southwest's numerical boarding process. It can absolutely devalue the positions assigned through Business Select, A-List, Upgraded Boarding and Early-Bird Check-In purchases. Southwest utilizes it as a way to decrease the time needed for turning the plane and help control on-time statistics. Luckily it's not used in too many places -- but I feel for you if one of those places happens to be your home airport.


I'd suggest, for what it's worth, you make your comments known to Southwest directly via any of the Contact Us methods shown below. (This is primarily a customer-to-customer forum.)