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Solution for faster deplaning

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Please make anyone who was a preboard wait to deplane until the whol flight has deplaned. This might cut down on all those people who insist they can't walk but miraculously can after their flight. I'm not against the elderly or disabled but the deplanign would be so much faster if they were escorted off the plane last.


Re: Solution for faster deplaning

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 That won't work because Southwest does not keep track of where people sit. They might know about  row 1 where wheel chair bound passengers sit, but not about others.

Re: Solution for faster deplaning

New Arrival

It never ceases to amaze me as to the curative powers of flying on Southwest Air. People who are unable to board a plane without assistance, roll down the ramp in wheelchairs and after grabbing the front rows and flying on SW are, upon arrival at their destination, able to immediately get out of their seats, retrieve their carry-ons from overhead bins, deplane, and walk up the exit ramps without assistance. They then proceed to the shuttle for the terminal and walk to baggage claim. For those with true disabilities that require wheelchair assistance to board and deplane, you have my sympathy and I wish you the best, but it remains a mystery to me that there can be a dozen wheelchairs used on boarding and rarely do I see more than one or two used at deplaning, and that's to go up a ramp.

Re: Solution for faster deplaning

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I have experienced flight attendants requesting for passengers to allow those with a close connection to get off first. It always creates a bit of a mess (but it has come to my rescue more than once). 


I have to imagine that asking preboarders to wait seated would create a real mess. And it would be almost impossible to track. 


You never know what invisible disabilities or challenges a person has...

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