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Southwest/Chase Card Program and Improperly Trained Gate Agents

New Arrival

Southwest agents sell seat upgrades to Chase Card holders proclaiming that as a Chase Card holding member, your upgrade will be reimbursed. This was supposed to be an automatic process, but it never happened. I had to call Southwest Customer Service and Chase and neither would honor the refund that I was due ($160).


As it turns out, Chase only honors this refund if you're a Chase Priority Card holder. I can understand that, but that vital piece of information never parted the lips of the Southwest gate agents in two separate airports...(BWI and FLL). The agents in both cities have either been improperly trained or they're getting commission for selling upgrades, yet selectively they're omitting small details. Who knows how many other Southwest/Chase card holding customers have been misinformed and RIPPED OFF just as I've been.


Neither company has the back of the customer. Good news for me though....I have the option to choose another airline and credit card issuer.  I will also share my experience with all my Facebook and Twitter friends and family.


Re: Southwest/Chase Card Program and Improperly Trained Gate Agents

Rising Star

I’m sorry you experienced was less than stellar based on some disconnect around information. The “Priority” card does reimbursed upgraded boarding while the “Premier” card does not. It would not be hard for someone to be confused.


No company is perfect. While you are sharing your feedback with the social outlets, perhaps you should use the Contact Us link below to share your feedback directly with Southwest. That is the only feedback that will lead to change. 


-A List Preferred, Companion Pass holder, Community Champion.