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Southwest airlines continues to rapidly decline ........

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Tonight I just found out my flight from Houston to NY was canceled because of weather, though NY will be clear by early morning, and here in Houston the storms would be gone by the time of the original flight. Also, I paid for early check in and got A32, now they rescheduled me from leaving at 955 am cst and arriving 225 pm est to  leaving at 330 pm cst and arriving at 8 pm est, causing me to now be at B54 and not arriving to the hotel to probably 10 pm at night.   Thus, I will miss seeing the main person I was suppose to see tomorrow night, and causing tumult again.  I am booked with my wife on another flight in two weeks, and may switch out to another airline.  It is a darn shame that the best airline in the US has become just another undependable and terrible airline. I am on hold now to see if they will at least refund my early bird check in costs to me.  After we go on our flight next month I doubt we will ever fly your airline again. 


Re: Southwest airlines continues to rapidly decline ........

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Since this is a customer to customer forum you may want to direct your comments directly to Southwest. 

Regarding the weather issue, you need to consider your plane is most likely traveling to 5-10 other cities in a single day. Did you consider the weather in all those locations? Maybe your plane was in California where it's pouring and snowing?

If all you want is a refund of EarlyBird use the Contact Us link below and send a message with your details. No need to wait on hold.



Re: Southwest airlines continues to rapidly decline ........

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Delays are frequent and rampant since COVID began in 2020. I'm sorry that discourages you from flying Southwest, but Southwest is honestly no different than any other airline in this regard, and IMO, they are one of the best, not the worst.