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Southwest...just booked 5/6

Explorer C

OK, If anyone has any advice. My husband just spent 90+ min. on hold and then another hour on the phone, only to need to cancel our trip. 


We were taking our 4 kids skiing. W/the weather in Denver, we were re-booked for tomorrow. Fine, we miss a day on the Mnt.  But we learned they did not re-book all 6 of us, just 5. Our 17 year old didn't make the new flight. They said there is nothing they can do.


My husband is livid. We've had a SW visa for 20+ years. I'm often a companion, nearly every year. What do we do? Kids are devastated. I said, I would write. Please help if advice.

Thanks, Kara


Re: Southwest...just booked 5/6

Aviator A

You're seeking advice on how to get the 6th passenger booked? I would guess your only option would be to take a later flight, perhaps even a day or two later to find one with availability. Since everyone else who was ticketed over the last two days is also trying to rebook most flights will be very full. Southwest was probably just trying to get as many of you on a flight as soon as possible and only had 5 seats and put the 6th person on another flight. If you are ok going later then there may be more availability. You could split up the group into 4 and 2 or 3 and 3, that would probably be easier to get tickets versus all 6 of you on one flight. Be specific about which passengers need to be together, Southwest is just looking at names, not ages when trying to rebook. 


You'll need to either call, use the live chat function in the Southwest app, or send a private message on Twitter or Facebook to request a new itinerary. With the complexity of your request I think calling would be best, despite how long the wait will be. 



Re: Southwest...just booked 5/6

Frequent Flyer A

+1 to calling, sounds complex but potentially doable if there's space. Hope everything works out!

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