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Explorer C

I’ve had difficulties for at least 2 months with cancelling a companion reservation so that I can then change my reservation and then re-ticket the companion reservation.  I get error messages and ultimately, must call SWA to make the changes over the phone.  


Note that I’ve been able to do all the changes online before.


Is anyone else having the same difficulties? 



Explorer C

I am having difficulties with Southwest as well.  Everything works great as long as I pay them very high prices for a ticket, but tends to fall apart when I expect an on time departure or accurate information.


Frequent Flyer A

@Pskallman, This is not directly related to companion fares, but I have had intermittent troubles rebooking tickets online at lower prices since the software change in May of 2017.  It is always reserved when I call customer service, but I would prefer to handle it myself and save me and them the time.  Hopefully the IT group is working on it, but I don't have any solutions other than calling or coming back later to the website and trying again.


Explorer C

I am having the same problems with changing companion fare and also rebooking a different flight.  It's been the last 3 months and everytime the points say this amount and when you go to make the change, a message comes up and says " We are unable to secure the price for the flight you selected and the points are higher than what is listed.  Usually anywhere from 40 - 100 points which is not fare and I have to call in everytime for them to fix it.  Most of the reservation people know of the problem and say they are working on it, but it's been 3 months.

I love Southwest, but please get this fixed!!!!!