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Standby - Paid for Early Bird

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Our entire family bought tickets to Hawaii with early bird 6 months ago. We all checked in online to get boarding passes this morning and my mom got placed on standby. We are a group of 8 traveling and staying together but paid for our tickets separately.  She’s a senior citizen and flies southwest all the time. Why would she have purchased her ticket months ago paid for early bird and now get placed on standby???? Our son paid for early bird a week ago and got his no problem. Has anyone else had this happen? Sending messages to them via social media and she’s been on hold for an hour trying to talk to someone. 


Re: Standby - Paid for Early Bird

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No I've not heard of that.


Ask your mom to try her cell's SW app to access the chat function.

Re: Standby - Paid for Early Bird

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The only situation I know of where this would happen is if the ticket is non-rev.