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Suggestions for rebourding/rebooking notification

Explorer C

After a recent flight a number of things occurred that I think could have been handled better and want to make suggestions here:


1.  When a plane must be un-boarded and re-boarded on another plane make an announcement that passengers line up in the ABC groups they were in previously, rather than have them herd together, having to use id's while the staff laboriously checks off each name.  Is there not a manifest of passengers that have just boarded that could be used to call them up to board to facilitate this?

2. I have witnessed three instances of people requesting early boarding while carrying many suitcases (more than one personal, etc.) march on and sit in the exit row.  No intervention by attendants.  What happened to the blue cards or something that determines this?

3. Please have flight attendants announce that passengers should show consideration for those behind them on reclining--or better yet have seats that do not!

4.  If a passenger is rebooked due to missed connections/delays we should be notified by TEXT as we are when the flight is delayed.  Never happens.  Not sure why.

5.  If delays/rebooking necessary, then the inital boarding status, early bird, etc., should be honored since the fault does not lie with them--really this is in the SW pocket already and we pay for this privelege.


Simple?   Yes...




Re: Suggestions for rebourding/rebooking notification

Retired Community Manager

Hi Pjmrch,


Thank you for sharing your suggestions on the Southwest Airlines Community. If you'd like to speak with a Customer Service Representative about your experience, you can reach out to our Customer Relations Department through any of the options listed here, on our "Contact Us" page .