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Superb Service

New Arrival

I just want to complement Tiffany - a SWA agent at Midway for your superb service.  On July 30, weather conditions in the Northeast delayed many flights, including mine.  So when I arrived, I missed my connecting flight like so many others.  The person at the front of the line was beligerent - talking about his hard earned dollars were spent on flying. Well Tiffany didn't have the power to control the weather, nor restructure the flights to wherever he was going. It wasn't Tiffany's fault but she remained calm, until the gentlemen interfered and delayed her from serving other customers.  So after waiting my turn, I was fortunate to get Tiffany. She was curteous and knowledgeable, figuring a way to get me home the next day - as no flight from Midway that evening or Sunday had space for passengers to Oakland.  So, she got me a flight to Louisville, where I would take a flight the next morning to Oakland. She said that I had to immediate go to another gate as the other flight was leaving - she called them to make sure they waited for my daughter and I.  She worked wonders.  Then in Louisville - the agent at the baggage claim at 1 am was equally helpful...getting me the information for my flight from Louisville to Oakland.  Thank you Southwest and Tiffany. 


Re: Superb Service

Retired Community Manager

Thanks for sharing your story with the Southwest Airlines Community, @kumemoto


We love hearing about our Customers' travel experiences, and we're so glad that you had a good one!