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TSA Pre Check/KTN

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I applied for and successfully obtained a KTN/TSA Pre check # and updated my profile accordingly.  I double checked it just now and it is in there.  However, when I checked in today for my flight, it was not indicated on my boarding pass that I was TSA Pre, so I went through regular check in at BWI.  Could this be because on my reservation I also had 2 of my children, both of whom are +18 yrs old....if either SWA or this community has any ideas as to why this happened, that would be great.  I made my reservation on the website....thoughts?


Re: TSA Pre Check/KTN

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When you book the ticket the KTN needs to be provided, if you had the tickets before and got a KTN after, it won't pull automatically from the profile.


You can go to the check-in agent and have them add the KTN and regenerate a new boarding pass, or if you notice a day ahead you can call the 800 number to be sure KTN is added to the ticket and reprint at home or re-download to your app.


Verify that your KTN name and ticketed name are identical as well, that's another reason for it not to appear on your boarding pass.


I'm not sure about having additional passengers on the reservation being a complication. (Other than the complication that they will still have to go through regular screening while you have PreCheck.)

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