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TSA Pre-Check

Explorer C

I have a known traveler number which I've added to my profile and entered when I purchased my flight yet it is not showing on my boarding pass. There are others who have this issue recently. Why is southwest not aknowledging or addresssing this? Very frustrating and disappointing. 


Re: TSA Pre-Check

Retired Community Manager

Hi @moedio,


There could be a number of reasons that you aren't seeing TSA PreCheck on on your boarding pass. I recommend reaching out to our Customer Relations Department so they can take a look at your Rapid Rewards Account and help troubleshoot the issue. 


You can reach us through any of the options here.


Re: TSA Pre-Check

Explorer A



I had that issue when i first got pre.  I did precisely what Lindsay described and I've had it every time.


When it doubt, call SW Customer Service and they'll take good care of you.