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Re: TSA Pre-Check

Explorer C

I may have actually solved this!!!


I called customer service and spoke to Dianne (spelling?) employee ID #___65.
After expressing my frustration, she was somehow able to fix it so that I had pre-check on my boarding pass!! This is even after I had already checked into my flight.


She otl dme that she went into the "API" and REMOVED my middle name. After that, she resubmitted it and I had Pre-Check! She said that the name on my reservation was still First-Middle-Last name; it really needs to be that way so that it matches your ID, especially for international travel. She said if it happens again to call customer service and tell them to remove your middle name in the 'API'. Customer service will know what you are talking about, because this is an internal system for SouthWest.

Hope this helps! 


Thank you Dianne!

I hope Southwest IT department sees this and looks into it.

Regardless of whether it's Southwest or TSA/Global Entry, this needs to get fixed.

I was so frustrated, and I know other people are too!

Re: TSA Pre-Check

Explorer C

Well we were told my wife could not add her middle name to her account because she had checked in already and she did not get precheck. We both have global entry. We have this trip May 1st and one in July coming up. We are frequent flyers and I really hope Southwest fixes this.

Re: TSA Pre-Check

Explorer C

Just wanted to chime in here that the “remove the middle name” solution worked for me on a current trip.  When we initially checked in for the outbound segment of our trip my wife got her PreCheck but I did not.  The gate agent wasn’t able to get the issue resolved.


I opened a chat with TSA and they very quickly got back to me and indicated that my name was being incorrectly submitted for validation — what got submitted to them was “<first_name> <middle_name> <middle_name>”, and this clearly doesn’t work.


While traveling I called SWA and the rep instantly noted that my middle name needed to be removed from the ticket, that fixed the issue and my passes were issued with PreCheck status (it unfortunately didn’t help as my origin was international and MCO doesn’t have pre-check for connecting flights, but the tickets seemed valid).


Shout out to Brent at SWA for so quickly recognizing the issue.


This clearly seems like a bug in the reservation system and needs to be addressed.