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TSA Pre-Check

Explorer C

So sad for Southwest.  Since earlier this year, they cannot seem to get TSA pre-check on boarding passes.  Generally, when you complain you get the standard, it's not our fault, you’re not guaranteed this, or it must be TSA's fault.  The fact is as a very frequent traveler, it used to be 100% of the time, or very nearly.  Now odds are better you won't get than you will.  Last time I complained a very nice lady from corporate called me and then called back to say she had found the issue.  That worked mostly for the next 2-trips, but now we are back where we started.





Re: TSA Pre-Check

Aviator A

Works everytime for me and my family. Initially I had a problem because my middle name wasn't in my RR account, but that was cleared up with one phone call. From reading other people's reports, problems are usually related to the name or birthday not matching between the flyer's RR account and info flyer gave TSA. I'm assuming you have a KTN and aren't relying on getting PreCheck randomly? You've also done the basic check that the KTN listed in your RR account is correct? 

Re: TSA Pre-Check

Aviator A

Unfortunately, there is a known issue with KTNs populating from a customer's profile to their actual reservations. The issue is sporadic, and seems to affect only some customers. The best advice is to always check every itinerary to make sure that the KTN has been applied prior to travel. If not, it can be added by the customer or by calling Southwest.