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TSA Pre-check not guaranteed?

Explorer C

My wife and I are both TSA pre-check members and have taken multiple SW flights using it. However, we recently booked a flight using our known traveler numbers and our boarding passes didn't have the "TSA pre-check" emblem like they have every time before.


I called customer service who told me that SW does not guarantee the use of TSA pre-check on every flight. Is this true? Are TSA-pre check members not guaranteed the service for every SW flight?


Re: TSA Pre-check not guaranteed?

Aviator B



All the information is found here


Please note: Although participants in the CBP's Trusted Traveler programs (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI and the TSA PreCheck Application Program) and Rapid Rewards Members who have opted into the program are eligible for expedited screening, no one is guaranteed expedited screening. Eligibility is determined by the TSA on a per-flight segment basis. Additionally, if a Customer’s Southwest reservation has an international destination the Known Traveler Number may be added 

Re: TSA Pre-check not guaranteed?

Explorer C

Have ran into this as well. SWA directs me to TSA and TSA directs me back to SWA.  This feature hasn't worked for me since October or November.


I recently flew and had the TSA Pre logo visible in the app but it wouldn't show up on boarding pass. You guessed it. No luck with TSA. 

Re: TSA Pre-check not guaranteed?

Aviator A

There are some known issues with Southwest's system failing to pass along the pre check info from your profile to a reservation. If it's not there, try calling and having it added manually by CS, then reprint the boarding pass.

Re: TSA Pre-check not guaranteed?

Explorer C

1) This link doesn't work anymore. Is there another place you can refer us?

2) My wife is having the same issue. Literally everytime we travel on Southwest, she doesn't get pre-check. We've changed passports, updated Known Traveler numbers, had SWA customer service agents quadruple verify the details and numbers are correct, called TSA, Customs & Border Patrol and SWA. All to no avail. We understand that pre-check is not garaunteed, but she's NEVER had it when flying SWA, but has with other airlines. 

Re: TSA Pre-check not guaranteed?

Adventurer A

I'm pretty sure that it's TSA and not SWA that randomly DE-selects- not certain, but my TSA buddy says so....

Re: TSA Pre-check not guaranteed?

Adventurer C

One other item to mention is to make sure your name and date of birth displayed on your reservation matches exatcly what you have on file with TSA Pre✓. Ensuring those match will reduce the risk in not receiving TSA Pre✓. Hope this helps! -Rob