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Terrible Customer Service

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I tried to check in my bags at Reagan Airport and after waiting in line to have my bags weighed, the agent told a group of African American ladies who were in line after me to come up and put their bags on the scale to weigh. I interjected and said I have been waiting here longer than them and was in line prior to them and she interrupted me and said I could wait! I called her out on her rude behavior and asked for her name which she wouldn’t give me. She moved her name tag around so I couldn’t read it. An agent by the name of Ali came up to my face and said to leave immediately after the incident. He was rude and told me she didn’t have to give her name at all. He even responded and said that he would call Come after me if I tried to come at him. I’ll never use Southwest Airlines again and going to cancel my credit card. You guys should be giving outstanding customer service to those traveling with you as it isn’t like there are a lot of people traveling during this pandemic! Shame on hiring rude workers for this airline!


Re: Terrible Customer Service

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Sorry to hear of your experience. That was not typical Southwest service.


It is possible that the other people that were brought in front of you had a short amount of time til their flights. That could explain what happened.


That being said, there's no excuse for rude behavior. It sounds to me like you should complain directly to Southwest. You are not doing that here as this is a customer to customer forum.


In your complaint, be as specific as possible: airport, date, description of the offending employee who would not give a name etc. Here's how to do so:


If anything like that happens to me, my normal response is: I need to talk with your supervisor - NOW.



Re: Terrible Customer Service

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I'm sorry, I'm not sure that what Nationality the ladies that got in front of you was important.  The fact that a group of ladies got in front of you is.  Sorry to hear this happened to you. 

Re: Terrible Customer Service

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No one likes waiting in line, and to feel disrespected on top of that is frustrating. I have found that in situations like that, it’s better for me to let it go. I don’t know about you, but I know many people are facing huge obstacles in life, and waiting a few more minutes to weigh my bag isn’t a big deal. Pay it forward next time. Trust me, it feels great. 

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