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Thank You Darlene!

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I’d like to thank Darlene at BWI ! After a ton of delayed flights due to heavy rains it looks like she stayed a little late tonight at the priority check in line . She helped me figure out my itinerary and how I was going to make my connection the following day .


more importantly she kept her cool when she received verbal abuse from the customer behind me! This customer refused to be serviced by another ticket counter serving the “regulars “ and  was angry Darlene’s shift was over even though she was already staying late ! I believe she stayed for her as well . Thank you Darlene and I hope as passengers we can maintain civility whether we are  “priority customers” or not 


Re: Thank You Darlene!

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Glad to hear that Darlene was able to help you get rebooked when weather was was not so nice and caused flight problems. Hopefully you were able to arrive the next day without any further weather issues. 


feel free to send southwest a DM on Facebook or Twitter with your confirmation number  so they can pass on the thanks to Darlene and her managers. 


Thanks for sharing!