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Thank you Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

I have always said "if Southwest Airlines doesn't fly there then I won't go there".  That is how much I LOVE this airline carrier and this last trip exemplifies why. 

I hastily booked a flight for Sunday June 16th on the afternoon of June 15th while I was shopping.  I have a terminally ill family member and needed to get from Albuquerque, NM to California quickly.  It was for one day, leaving and coming back on the 16th.  As you can imagine doing this on the phone in a state of heightened emotions I made some mistakes.  I was able to call customer services and I got Becky on the phone.  Becky was so helpful and kind.  She got my daughter's TSA number entered for me, corrected my e-mail error and changed my return flight so that I could come home with my husband who was already in California with his family.  That's only one part of the story.  The next morning when my daughter (who is disabled and wheelchair bound) were getting on the plane at 0-dark-thirty, we spilled her fresh berries just purchased from the airport coffee shop (which as you know is the same price ounce for ounce as 14K gold!).  I was so unhappy about that and I had a rather unattractive, impatient mom moment with my daughter. After we were settled and the plane was loaded with all the passengers, an attendant came up to me and handed my daughter a new fruit cup-the captain had purchased a new fruit cup for her!!!  

I can't even praise the folks of Southwest Airlines enough!! EVERYONE who works there from the ticket agents to the porters and pilots are AMAZING!  Traveling is stressful, traveling with someone with a disability is more so (it's really a fresh bucket of hell tbh).  Traveling to say goodbye to a dying is loved one is tragic and the worst kind of stress.  Southwest Airlines employees are so kind and make traveling so much better.  They are like that all the time.  Even when you are traveling for a happy event.  Thank you Southwest Airlines!! Thank you, Becky and the pilot on Flight 1083 Abq-Oakland at the buttcrack of dawn on a sad and stressful day.  I will always choose SWA every chance I get. 



Re: Thank you Southwest Airlines

Aviator A

Wow, it is great to hear stories like yours. I am glad everything worked out for you.


Since this is a customer forum, Southwest may not hear your story. I would encourage you to share it directly with the airline. You can do so by clicking on 'contact us" below and following the prompts.


May your future travels be safe and fun.