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Thank you

New Arrival

I want to give a big shout out to the crew and baggage claim staff in San Antonio.   I missed placed my card holder while travelling from Dallas to Phoenix.  I was in a panic as I had all my credit cards and IDs (Driver License and Military) in it.   I had almost given up hope that it would be found thinking I dropped it in at Lovefield airport.   When they swept the plan at the end of the day it was found and Victoria called me to let me know it was found and they could ship it FedEx to me.


I can now relax and enjoy my visit with my parents.


Thanks again



Re: Thank you

Top Contributor

So glad to hear your card holder was found and that they are able to get it back to you! 


Please feel free to send southwest a DM on twitter with your confirmation number and your compliment so they can pass on the thanks to the great staff that found your card holder and helped get it back to you.