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Thanks to Counter People and Flight Attendents on tough evening

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3/14/18 - a tough evening at SJC with almost every flight delayed. I struck up conversation with flight attendant as we waited and watched as delay went from 1 hour to 3 hours which meant I was not going to make it to Burbank before rental car place would close and then I would miss my car and ability to make appointment leaving at 5AM next morning. Was trying to decide if I’d have to rent car and drive forgoing sleep at a hotel to make the 5 hour drive. The flight attendant said I really should try standby on other flight. When delay was only 1 or 2 hours I had told hr I didn’t want to as others might need the seat more than I but once I realized the 3 hours would impact my job I was hoping it wasn’t too late. She introduced me to the Counter person and explained my situation. He got me on the standby list and directed me to the appropriate gate to wish me luck that they would have a seat.  I was able to make the flight and get some sleep before getting up to leave at 5am to make my meeting. I wish I would have gotten their names as I have many thanks for them saving me an all night drive.  Thanks SJC and flight attendants on flight 1462. I hope your connections are all easy. 


Re: Thanks to Counter People and Flight Attendents on tough evening

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Glad to see that they were nice and helpful to you during the delay and that you made it on a flight and was able to get some rest


you could send southwest a message on Facebook or Twitter with your confirmation number and the compliment and they can pass on your kudos to all those great southwest employees or you could write your comments in an email on the southwest website


Thanks for sharing!