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Re: young travler

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@stewartsteph wrote:


I am trying to book a flight for my 12 year old and it is her first time flying alone. I can not find a direct flight, so I was wondering if I requested the escort assistance then someone would make sure she would get to her gate for the connecting flight. We love southwest and prefer only flying with them.


Stephanie Stewart


Unfortunately, Southwest doesn't offer any escort service once past age 11.


Unaccompanied Minor service ($50 each way, domestic non-stop or direct only) is offered for children ages 5-11, and it includes monitoring on the plane and escorting until pickup by an approved person at the destination.


Young Traveler service (no charge, domestic only) is offered for children age 12-17, but it doesn't offer anything -- no escorting or monitoring. It's really just the term Southwest uses to refer to children 12-17 traveling alone.


If you're worried about your daughter navigating the airport alone, you may want to check with other carriers, who offer UM service to older children... but fees are often much higher. Delta ($150) is ages 5-14, (required) and up to age 17 (if requested),  United and American are both ($150), ages 5-14.

Re: Forcing a 12 year old minor children travel alone-

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Does the person getting the escort pass that is going to escort the child to the gate need the confirmation number to get it? I ask because my son's father is asking for it, however, I see when I look up the confirmation number that he could cancel the flight as well. I do not want that to happen. 

Re: Forcing a 12 year old minor children travel alone-

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No, the confirmation number should not be necessary to get an escort pass. If the person requesting the pass has the passenger name and knows what flight the passenger is on that should be enough.


Are you handling check-in for the return flight (if there is one)? In theory, someone could cancel the flight if they have the information needed to check-in (confirmation number or RR account login information). Or, you could purchase EarlyBird Check-In so you don't have to worry about it.