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How can I upgrade to first class?


Re: Ticket

Aviator A

I'm afraid that Southwest is not the airline for you if you are looking for first class.  All of SW's planes have one class of service.  The best you might get is what is jokingly referred to as "Southwest First Class," which is the exit row.


Check out SW's site for a good summary of SW and why they are great.


Also, check out the Knowledge Base here for lots of info for things like boarding, ticketing, etc.


Even without First Class, I hope you find the SW experience to be awesome!  #luv


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Ticket

Frequent Flyer A

Two years ago, I told my then 6 year old daughter that I had gotten tickets for us to go to Legoland in Florida.


Pippi: First class?

Me: All the seat on Southwest are first class.

Pippi: Yay!

Me: *sigh*


To be fair, I always fly business class or better when I go international.


So, the answer --- all Southwest seats are first class. Just don't expect lie flat seating or champagne or... 

Re: Ticket

Frequent Flyer C

You can upgrade your ticket to Business Select, assuming those fares are not sold out for your flight. This will get you a A1-15 boarding pass and extra miles for your account. 

You may be able to pay at the gate for a better place on line if you don’t upgrade. 

But remember, it’s open seating. If your flight is connecting from another city they may already be people on board before you board. 

And, all seats arrive at exactly the same time.