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Took away my early bird check in

Explorer C

I booked a flight 6 months ago and paid for early bird check in.  Since then, my flights have been changed 4 times and have gone from direct to extra long layovers.  

I went to check in for my flight and even though I paid for it, I no longer have early bird check in.  Called customer service to get it reinstated, and they said there is nothing they can do.   Since I'm now in the "C" group, I expect to get separated from my family and it is unacceptable that my children will be sitting next to strangers.  

Everything I've paid for has been taken away.  I'm not getting anything I paid for. 


Re: Took away my early bird check in

Aviator A

Assuming that you


1) never cancelled and then rebooked  .and.

2) have proof that you paid the fee


You should contact customer relations

Re: Took away my early bird check in

Aviator A

There's probably nothing that can be done at this point since boarding positions have already been assigned, but if EBCI dropped off your reservation after you paid for it you should be able to receive credit for it.  If you cancelled the flight then you would lose out, but that doesn't sound like what happened in this situation.  You'll want to speak with customer relations, not the normal reservation phone number and best bet is to have the email confirmation that shows you did purchase EBCI.


Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Took away my early bird check in

Frequent Flyer A

@TheMiddleSeat I love the reciprocity in that one if it is as described. If he canceled his trip, the EBCI fee is lost. If SWA screwed up, all they do is refund the fee? I'm not sure what to expect since, as you pointed out and as we know, boarding positions have been assigned. But, geez, that's not fair.

Re: Took away my early bird check in

Aviator A

I would reach out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter and maybe they can allow you to buy the upgraded boarding and maybe they can then refund that fee after travel is complete. The upgraded boarding gets you in the A1-A15 group and is normally $30-$50 (per flight) and is only available day of travel.