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Touch ID

New Arrival

There is no longer an option to turn on Touch ID in the mobile app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times to no avail.


When I first start the app I have to manually log in. If I log out and then select "Log in or Enroll", I am presented with the box for Touch ID "Log in using your fingerprint".


Why do I not see that option anymore when I first open the app? And, why is there no menu option to turn Touch ID on or off anymore - either in the app or in Settings? If it's there, I have been unable to find it.


iPhone 7 (& 8+), iOS 12.0.1, Southwest App Version 5.9.1.


Re: Touch ID

Top Contributor

Question for @GloriaL - maybe an iOS glitch due to enabling of face ID on the iPhone X's.



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