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Transfer bags to Hawaiian Airlines in Oakland

Explorer C

We are flying into Oakland and our bags will be checked-in on SWA. They will need to be transferred to Hawaiian Airlines. Will we need to pick them up at baggage claim in Oakland and check them into Hawaiian Airlines ourselves? If so, what is the minimum time required between flights to be able to do this?



Re: Transfer bags to Hawaiian Airlines in Oakland

Aviator A

If you booked on SW only to Oakland then your bags will only go to Oakland. Keep in mind southwest does fly to Hawaii now so if you booked a flight to Hawaii on SW your whole reservation will be on SW. 


If you booked Hawaiian separately then you will need to leave security and claim your bags at the SW baggage claim then go to the Hawaiian counter to check your bags with them. Southwest doesn't code share with other airlines which is why you would need to claim and recheck your bag with the 2nd airline. 


How long should you allow? Well I would allow 4 hours minimum because if your flight on SW is late Hawaiian won't wait because they have no idea that your flying in on SW first. 


The process 

1. Check bag with SW (or carry on if you can) 

2. Claim bag in OAK

3. Go to Hawaiian ticket counter to check your bag and get your hawaiian boarding pass

4. Go back though security. If you bought drinks prior to arriving in Oakland to take to Hawaii you will have to dispose of those since you would be going back though security so wait to buy drinks until after you go through security in Oakland. 


If you are actually flying Southwest all the way and not Hawaiian then your process would be different and much easier.