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Transporting firearms

Explorer C

The explanation provided under “Special Luggage-Firearms and Ammunition” is a little confusing. Differing from TSA and even other forum discussions, as I read it,  it appears that if I am transporting a firearm in a locked hard cased luggage, I still have to put the firearm in a separate, locked hard sided container.  So a firearm has to be in two hard sided locked containers, inside a locked one hard sided container inside another hard sided locked container. That is doable when transporting a handgun(s), HOWEVER, how would you transport a rifle or shotgun? Basically it is not feasible due to the length of the long gun(s)  to have one hard sided locked container inside of another hard sided locked container. 

So am I reading it wrong? I transport normally in a Pelican hard sided case with two Master padlocks for handguns and a hard sided SKB golf case for my long guns which is OK per Alaska Airlines policies. Don’t want to get in trouble or cause any problems with the gate agents so seeking clarity. Thanks in advance. 


Re: Transporting firearms

Aviator A

I'm not sure where you are getting the impression two locked cases are required. Perhaps this statement? 


"A firearm placed inside a hard-sided, locked suitcase must be encased in a hard-sided, locked container." (emphasis added) 


That's saying you can't just place the gun in a hard sided, locked suitcase and claim that is the locked case. Since you have a dedicated, hard sided, locked case you're good to go.