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Traveling with a wedding dress?

Explorer C

My fiancé and I are getting married in New Orleans in a week and was wondering if my wedding dress can be my carry-on. I would be completely devastated if I had to gate check it.


Does whether or not you can hang it in the pilots cabin or store it in the overhead bins depend on your flight crew or will I be safe to bring it with me as my carry-on? I don't mind laying it flat on suitcases in the overhead bin. It's not a puffy dress but it is long and can be folded in half. Also, should we purchase the early bird check in or priority boarding to ensure that we find a spot for it? We called customer service but they didn't offer much information and it's left me worried.


We are also changing flights in Houston so I'm concerned that one crew might say yes and the other crew might have an issue with it. Any information on what to expect would be greatly appreciated as this is a very special trip. Thank you so much!


Re: Traveling with a wedding dress?

Aviator A

Southwest planes don't have closets or anywhere to hang a garment bag, so it would have to lay on top of carryons in the overhead compartment. A flight attendant should be able to help you. Consider shipping it ahead to your hotel?

Re: Traveling with a wedding dress?

Explorer C


I was wondering how it went traveling with your gown? We too will be getting married in NOLA in September and just maid the choice to fly. I have so things that I will need to carry on for my wedding but I am freaking out about my dress and my soon to be husbands suit and out little guy's suit. HELP

Re: Traveling with a wedding dress?

Explorer C

My daughter-in;law carried her dress in a slightly oversized carry-on from Long Island to Orlando.  We informed the flight attendants and it did fit in the overhead but they were ready to check at the gate.  They knew how anxious she was not to let it out of her sight.