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Traveling with an expired license?

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My daughter lives on the east coast and is in college on the west coast.  Her license will expire before she is due to fly home in June and she can't renew it online due to eye exam and photo requirements.  At the time of the flight her license will be two months expired.  Will Southwest accept her expired license and will TSA let her through??


Re: Traveling with an expired license?

Retired Community Manager

Hi @easttowest,


Check out the TSA's frequently asked questions about IDs here. Your daughter will need to have a valid form of ID to get through security, but there are some other options, like a passport, that she can use if she won't have a valid drivers' license. 


Re: Traveling with an expired license?

New Arrival

TSA will let you fly on a recently expired license. I found out the hard way when I flew with an expired license, yet couldn't rent a car. TSA had no issues and didn't mention it on either of my flights.