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Traveling with kids, one not mine

Explorer C

Just want to make sure I have everything in order. Flying in October with my 2 kids and one of their friends, all under 18. will we need to show any documents or ID for them? Will it matter that one of the kids is not mine?




also, they changed both of my flights, which is not a big deal. But one of the flights they added a stop and a couple extra hours. I paid extra to get the nonstop flights. will SW compensate in some kind of way. I tried to call but the hold time is very high right now. is it possible to find out the reason the flights changed


Re: Traveling with kids, one not mine

Aviator A

If you are flying within the United States no ID is required for anyone under the age of 18 flying with their own ticket. Being unrelated won't matter, but it never hurts to have a signed letter from a parent consenting to the travel.


It's unlikely you would receive any compensation for the change, but you are eligible to make a free change if there is a another option that you like better. Check the schedule and see if you would prefer something else. The free change must be done rather soon after Southwest changes your flight so don't delay. I think it's within 72 hours? The email notifying you of the change should have included links to make the free change online. You could also call and wait on hold for a long time.