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Traveling with my Dog

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Flight # 2056 on 12/26/2020


I travel with my dog often, and usually on Southwest.  The typical experience has been positive, however, this last flight irritated me.  

Boarding the plane with a back pack and my dog carrier in hand - my blue Southwest carrier.   I set the dog carrier on the seat to remove my back pack and put it in the overhead storage and the flight attendant came running over and told me that I couldn't set my dog carrier on the seat, I had to put it on the floor.  I tried to explain to him that I was going to put it under my seat as soon as I got rid of the back pack but he said I had to put the dog under the seat first. - What is the big deal?  The passenger in front of me had an emotional support dog on his lap and there was a couple w a huge labradoodle in the bulkhead area. Those dogs were not in carriers.  My dog was contained in the carrier and I was just trying to get rid of the back pack before moving into the seating area.  Since I paid $95 to bring my dog along, I would have expected a better attitude from the flight attendant.

Because my travel experiences with the dog have always been positive, this guys attitude was really disappointing.                                                                                                                                                                                    




Re: Traveling with my Dog

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Sorry to hear of your problems.


You could file a complaint with the airline. You're not doing that here as this is a customer to customer forum.

Traveling with my Dog

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@BOE In my opinion, you answered your own question/complaint.  "What is the big deal?"  You were "reminded" of what you should have done, and thought of it as a way that the FA was doing their job.  Just as we used to be reminded, (before airplane mode) to turn off our cell phones over and over again when we just wanted to get that last text and minute of conversation in.  I didn't take it as anything other than, no big deal.  I'm not trying to put you in your place or anything, but I've learned long ago, that comparing my situation with others maybe do the same thing at the same time, doesn't play into my situation.  So even if other knuckleheads had "SUPPORT" (yeah right) lapdogs or whatever, just stay in your moment and your situation, and take it as you say, "what is the big deal."  Since you have had more good experiences than this one, I think you should experience the same moving forward, just try and remember to put your beloved friend under the seat first.