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Vouchers for flight delays

Explorer C

My flight was delayed today. The second delay meant I would not make a connecting flight going to my final destination. They said the delay was caused by a fuel problem with the inbound plane that was booked to pick us up. The gate agent, who did a wonderful job, wasn't able to get me out on any flights today and rebooked me on two flights tomorrow. The agent working with her said I would get a travel voucher but because the agents who were rebooking everyone were so busy, they asked me and another passenger to wait on getting our vouchers. They had so many passengers they were dealing with because of the delay they called more agents to come help them and they were working at two gates across from each other to get everybody rebooked.  After about an hour, both of us had to leave to get transportation back home. Before I returned home, I had a text with information about tomorrow's early morning flight but no information on a voucher.  I called Southwest main line, 1-800-435-9792, and waited 54 minutes to speak someone who said, I had to get the voucher at airport. Does this mean, I should have waited for the gate agents finish rebooking everyone to get the promised voucher? 


Re: Vouchers for flight delays

Aviator A

Sorry to hear your flight was delayed. Once travel is complete I would Contact Customer Relations so they can look in to everything and hopefully the you the voucher. I do know if they were emailing vouchers those can take a day or a few days to arrive however most vouchers issued by gate agents are paper they give you on the spot. If they handed you new boarding passes you might look in case the voucher is there with with one of the passes. 



Re: Vouchers for flight delays

Aviator A

The odds of you getting a voucher are better because the situation  is controllable by the airline   as opposed to weather which is not.