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Weather Closure

Explorer C

very frustrated wiht the Dallas Love Field closing of Airport January 10th based upon very poor weather forecasting - caused us a day delay for business travel as well as additonal  hotel  and subsistence cost - the weather never met the overly zealous weather forecast in Dallas - very poor business accumen - over sensationalize casuing customer dis-satisfaction to elevated levels 


Re: Weather Closure

Aviator A
I just pulled up a weather radar view and there is a MASSIVE line of thunderstorms about to hit. I'm on my mobile otherwise I'd paste a screen shot of what I see.

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Weather Closure

Aviator A

About the only thing airports and airlines can do is believe the National Weather Service.




Passenger and airline employee safety trumps all else.


FWIW, there's a ground stop at DFW, too. Lot's of cancellations. 

Re: Weather Closure

Aviator A

I am here in Austin just south and I can confirm there is a lot of lightning from north Texas down towards San Antonio (including Dallas). When there is lightning in the area crews go indoors for there safety and planes are grounded. 


There are several ground stops currently here in Texas which are issued by the FAA (Airlines must comply) 


hopefully you will be able to get out without problem tomorrow once this weather passes. 

Re: Weather Closure

Aviator A

It is unfortunate, but this comes with the business travel territory. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder