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Re: What happened to Open Seating

Frequent Flyer B

If where you sit on the plane or whom you sit with matters to you then book an airline that allows you to reserve seats (usually at an additional costs). 


SWA is all about getting the planes turned around as quickly as possible. They are, for me, usually the lowest cost and the most convenient. 


I don't like seeing the ever growing list of pre boarders. I'm sure some really have a disability and need to pre board, but I am equally sure that some are just willing the sell their souls to get on the plane ahead of everyone else.


I don't like that SWA allows seat saving.


But each time I reserve a flight I weigh these dislikes with the low cost and convenience that SWA offers and, most of the time SWA comes out on top. But I usually fly alone. I would never use SWA if I needed to sit next to someone in particular on the flight.