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What has happened to SWA travel?

Explorer C

This is another complaint for poor service for you all. I hate to leave it. We have trusted SWA for many years for travel. I have booked my in-laws for years exclusively with SWA. Travel for my mother-in-law is becoming harder and harder. They were traveling yesterday, October 8 from SDF to TUS going through Denver. Their flight #1432 from Denver to Tucson was suppose to depart at 9:40pm arrive in Tucson by 10:35. IT DID NOT EVEN LEAVE UNTIL MIDNIGHT! WAY OVER 2 Hours late!


What has happened to your airline? Their reservation was on October 8, 2021. They departed Louisville, KY, at 4:35pm ARRIVED in Tucson after 1am on October 9th!


12.5 hours total travel time. They should be in Hawaii!


We are so disappointed right now. ALL of our travel with SWA this entire year has had HUGE delays. What has happened to you all?


Re: What has happened to SWA travel?

Adventurer B

I can tell you I have flown 8 rt's this year so far on WN towards the left coast and ID; mainly nonstops and have had minimal delays. Maybe 30 mins max one or two times. Sorry you had one bad experience. Also flown a couple on FFT, I don't believe they do it on purpose. They are in the business of repeat business and want y'all to be happy, tell your friends and fly again.

The business end of FAA part 121 and 135 operations is to make money and that what drives it everyday. Was weather a big factor from where the equipment or crew from? You provided no details on why your flights were delayed.

There are other means of transport out there, maybe explore that for their return trip? I find personally that air travel is most comfortable, affordable and mostly timely for me compared to other means even giving delays. I'd rather spend a few hr delayed trip and not drive the 20hrs KAUS to KLAS. Just my 2cents. 

All in all great job Southwest! Thank y'all for what you do to give us the freedom to fly and get us to our destinations. "Uncle Herb and Aunt Colleen" are proud of all the team members.

Re: What has happened to SWA travel?

Explorer C

SWA has abandoned anything related to customer service.

They have become one of the worst for cancelling a flight and then no service to resolve

Re: What has happened to SWA travel?

Explorer C


Re: What has happened to SWA travel?

Aviator A

Sorry your flight was cancelled I’ve been cancelled a couple times my self it’s been a rough couple days just relax and hopefully they will get you to where you need to go soon. ATC in Jacksonville had issues and when you add that to airline crew issues it makes a big mess and unfortunately that’s what has happened. 


once travel is complete I would send an email to southwest and hopefully they can provide compensation for the delay.